Church Pension Group | General Convention 80

The Road to the 80th General Convention

Welcome to our 80th General Convention resources hub.

Here you'll learn how we fulfill our purpose—to support the clergy and lay employees of The Episcopal Church in their calling to spread the gospel.

As in the past, General Convention delegates (deputies and bishops) will be asked to consider actions that impact our governance and our work. We offer this information as background and invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

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Latest News

  • While you’re focusing on the future of the Church, take a moment to consider your own future by scheduling a financial discussion
  • The 2022 CPG Annual Report shows how we enhanced relationships around the Church and outperformed benchmarks in key areas
  • Be Part of the Picture by participating in an initiative to collect clergy data on race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation on a voluntary basis
  • Our Church Trends Webinar will focus on how we are responding and adapting to the practical needs of churches and clergy


Resource Spotlight

2022 Update:
CPG Report to General Convention

We offer an update on our recent work and shared values with the Church. Hear CPF Board members, CPG leaders, and clients explore a variety of topics:

  • Maintaining the strength of our pension programs
  • Controlling the cost of healthcare
  • Pension parity
  • Racial reconciliation
  • Socially responsible investing
  • The role of the CPF Board

Access the 2022 Update


In This Section

A Welcome Message

Church Pension Group CEO and President Mary Kate Wold. 

Trustee Nominees

Learn more about the nominees for The Church Pension Fund’s Board of Trustees.

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General Convention Events

Learn about our virtual General Convention-related events.

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Communicating with the Church

View our communications that offer insights into our work and highlight how decisions are made.

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Resources and Church Trends

View resources and research to better understand how we serve The Episcopal Church.

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Our Lines of Business



We provide pension and retirement savings plans, health benefits, and educational services that position our clients for the highest level of financial security in retirement.

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We provide broad, cost-effective property and casualty coverage, and unique risk management strategies and tools, in a financially sustainable way.

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We develop worship materials, books, and digital resources on spiritual well-being and on health and financial wellness that address the evolving needs of The Episcopal Church.

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About CPG


Investment Management

The primary role of CPF’s Investment Department is to ensure our ability to fund our benefit obligations, today, and for decades into the future.

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Research & Data

Understanding the changing needs of an evolving Church allows us to be proactive in our service to the Church.

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Leadership & Governance

Governance of CPF is provided by a 25-member Board of Trustees, 24 of whom are elected by the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. The CEO and President of CPF serves as the 25th Trustee.

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