Travel Assistance

When You're Away From Home

We have contracted with UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance to provide you a travel benefit for emergency services that are not covered by Medicare.

Retired members and their dependents who are working or traveling 100 or more miles away from their primary residence or outside of their home country, can obtain emergency medical, travel, and personal security assistance 24/7, anywhere in the world through the UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Response Center.

The Travel Protection Benefit includes a $25,000 maximum per individual, per cause, and a $200,000 lifetime maximum per individual. You must contact UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance within 48 hours of being admitted to an inpatient facility or within 48 hours before being evacuated, or your payment may be reduced.

Services include:

  • Medical and dental services in a foreign country
  • Monitoring of treatment
  • Visitor travel assistance
  • Medical or security evacuation
  • Transportation after stabilization
  • Facilitation of hospital payment

Please consult the travel benefit section in the 2021 Medicare Supplement Handbook for more information.

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