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Prescription Costs


Each time you fill a prescription, you are responsible for a copayment. The price will depend upon the plan in which you are enrolled and the type of drug prescribed. By enrolling in the Express Scripts Medicare plan, you will pay the copays listed below even when you reach the Coverage Gap stage ("the donut hole").

Drug Category Comprehensive Plan Plus and Premium Plans
  Retail Retail Home Delivery Retail Retail Home Delivery
Dispensing limits per copayment Up to a 31-day supply 63-90 day supply Up to a 90-day supply Up to a 31-day supply 63-90 day supply Up to a 90-day supply
Generic copayment $10 $30 $25 $5 $15 $12
Preferred brand-name copayment $30 $90 $70 $25 $75 $60
Non-preferred brand-name and all non-sedating antihistamines $50 $150 $120 $40 $120 $100


There is no deductible with the Express Scripts Medicare plan.  

Drug Categories

Generic - medications with the same active ingredients and manufactured according to the same strict federal regulations as their brand-name counterparts.

Brand-Name - a drug patented by the manufacturer and sold by its brand name.

Preferred - generic and brand-name drugs that are preferred by your plan because they help to control rising prescription drug costs.

Non-preferred - generic and brand-name drugs that are not included on your plan's preferred list. They may be covered, but you may be required to pay a higher cost.

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