Being a Wise Healthcare Consumer

We often don’t think of ourselves as healthcare consumers. Yet, with the changing healthcare landscape, it’s wise to adopt a consumer attitude by staying aware of the price, quality, and availability of healthcare products and services.

As the healthcare industry shifts its focus to lifestyle choices and preventive care, more benefits are offered to improve your health and well-being. Take advantage of all your plan has to offer and stay informed with the medical, dental, vision, hearing, and psychological health coverage benefits.

For complete information on the healthcare benefits offered through the Medical Trust, see Medical Benefits

Tips & Resources - Being a Wise Healthcare Consumer

When researching health information, proceed with a healthy dose of consumer savvy. Dig deep and ask questions such as:

  • - Who did the research?
  • - Can it be validated on another reputable website?
  • - How new is the information?
  • - Is your healthcare provider aware of the study?