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Most retirees move twice in retirement. The first is to that dream retirement home, the second is to be closer to family or to a caregiver. The decisions on where to live are based on many factors – your retirement dreams, where your family is, your health, and your financial resources. The Community and Housing questions listed below may provide some guidance as you and, if you are in a relationship, your spouse or partner, make your retirement housing plans.

Community & Housing Decisions - First decide if each of the questions is a high, medium or low priority and then answer the questions related to the category.

  • Relationships - “I want to retire near people who give stimulation and support.”
    • Do you need to retire near family and friends?
    • What do you require for compatibility?
  • Medical “I want medical facilities nearby for my particular medical need.”
    • How close is nearby?
    • What are your needs?
  • Work After Retirement“This location would give me adequate opportunity to exercise new vocations.”
    • What do you want to do?
  • Church “My new worship community will be important to me in retirement.”
    • How will you find this parish?
    • Will you be able to negotiate relationships with members that won't create tension with the rector?
  • Culture “This location provides sufficient cultural opportunities for me.”
    • Which cultural activities are important to you?
  • Keeping Fit “This location provides plenty of opportunities to keep fit.”
    • What are your preferences for physical exercise?
  • Staying Put “I prefer to stay in my house and parish after retirement.”
    • How will you negotiate new relationships with members that do not create tension?
    • What pre-conditions are needed so that you will be a non-threatening presence to the new rector and spouse?

The answers to these questions may help you evaluate your options and decide on where you want to live in retirement. CPG provides an Episcopal Housing Locator, which lists housing and healthcare facilities connected to the Episcopal Church and links to Social Security and Medicare resources.