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One retiree quipped that meeting other retirees was like attending an organ recital.

As you age, maintaining your health can become a major focus so that you can continue to live an active life. Take advantage of your healthcare benefits to manage your health – annual check-ups and screenings recommended by your healthcare provider can help prevent many illnesses and provide early detection for others.

If you are retiring prior to age 65

The Medical Trust offers a variety of plan options nationwide for eligible retirees who are not yet Medicare-eligible and their eligible dependents.

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These plans, which include prescription drug, behavioral health, vision, health advocacy, and more, provide medical coverage until you are eligible for Medicare at age 65.

Three months prior to turning age 65, you should obtain information from Social Security about signing up for Medicare Part A, and three months before your retire, Medicare Part B. One of the requirements for enrolling in a Medicare Trust Supplement Health Plan, if you are eligible, is being enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

If you are retiring at age 65 or older

At age 65, if you are eligible, you must select and sign up for Medicare Part A, and, once you are age 65 or older and no longer eligible for active health benefits, Medicare Part B.

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You may choose to sign up for Part D (prescription drug benefits) as well, or, if you are eligible for and enroll in the Medical Trust's Medicare Supplement Health Plan, you may select the prescription drug benefit offered as part of that plan instead. Click here for information about Medicare eligibility.

Medicare Supplement Health Plans

The Medical Trust offers three Medicare Supplement Health Plan options from which eligible retirees can choose. These plans supplement what Medicare provides. CPF provides a subsidy for eligible retired clergy and their eligible spouses toward the cost of these plans.

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If you are enrolled in a plan through the Medical Trust, make sure you have your member cards for all the benefits offered through the Medicare Supplement Plan.


If you need the cards, you can request them by calling Client Services at (866) 802-6333 Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 8:00PM ET (excluding holidays).

The Medical Trust Medicare Supplement Health Plans Offer More...

The Medicare Supplement Health Plans offered by the Medical Trust offer value-added benefits for participants1. They include:


Your plan includes a vision benefit, which offers a free annual eye exam. Eyeglasses and contact lens benefits are also included. A copay may be required for certain services. For more information, please see Vision Benefits.


The Medical Trust Medicare Supplement Health Plans include a hearing benefits plan, which provides benefits for hearing exams and discounted hearing supplies. For more information, please see Hearing Benefits.


Participants in the Medicare Supplement Health Plans can access the Tivity Health SliverSneakers® fitness program at no extra cost. For more information, please see SilverSneakers.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential, 24-hour service that connects you with counselors to help you with immediate health needs and with assistance for therapy referrals, legal consultations, financial services and much more. For more information, please see the Employee Assistance Program.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a free, confidential service that can reduce some of the stress and confusion of navigating the healthcare system by helping you understand your diagnoses, secure second opinions, manage health benefit claims and more. For more information, please see Health Advocate.

Travel Medical Assistance

UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance (formerly FrontierMEDEX Assistance) provides emergency medical and travel services for Medical Trust plan members traveling at least 100 miles from their primary residence, either in the U.S. or abroad. For more information, please see Travel Medical Assistance.

Be sure to take advantage of all the benefits available to you - make sure you understand the benefits and how they help you!

1Your group may not offer every plan available


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Did you know...

  • The Health Advocate is available to you, your dependents, your parents and parents-in-law (even if they do not live with you).



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