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The Medical Trust

As you age, maintaining your health can help you continue to live an active life. Take advantage of your healthcare benefits to manage your health – annual check-ups and screenings recommended by your healthcare provider can help prevent many illnesses and provide early detection for others.

If you are retiring prior to age 65

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (Medical Trust) offers a variety of plan options nationwide for eligible retirees who are not yet Medicare-eligible and their eligible dependents.

If you are retiring at age 65 or older

At age 65, if you are eligible, you must select and sign up for Medicare Part A, and, once you are age 65 or older and no longer eligible for active health benefits, Medicare Part B.

Group Medicare Advantage Plan

The Medical Trust offers a single plan with two plan options through a UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage® (PPO) plan.

Both plan options offer medical, prescription drug, hearing, mental health, and other benefits. Dental benefits may be purchased as a separate plan.

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Did you know...

The Employee Assistance Program is available to everyone in your household, even if they are not covered under your health plan.

The Health Advocate is available to you, your dependents, your parents and parents-in-law (even if they do not live with you).