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Survivor's Benefits

The Clergy Pension Plan provides survivor benefits for spouses, eligible children and eligible named beneficiaries of participating clergy. The amount of the benefit depends on whether you die before or after you retire and, if you die after you retire, the survivor benefit payment options you chose when you retired.

Available Benefits for Survivors

  • Pension benefits to eligible surviving spouse - Your eligible surviving spouse is automatically entitled to receive 50% of your monthly benefit upon your death.  At retirement, you can confirm that option, or can select a higher or lower percentage of your benefit that you want your eligible spouse to receive after your death. See Surviving Spouse Benefits for details.
  • Dependent children - Eligible children can receive benefits until age 25, provided they meet certain criteria.
  • Disabled children - Disabled children may be eligible for lifetime benefits, provided they meet the plan criteria.
  • Named beneficiaries - If you choose, you can name beneficiaries other than a spouse or children for certain benefits.  Certain restrictions and limitations apply.
  • Life Insurance - Life insurance benefits are available for retired clergy.

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Will the Clergy Pension Plan changes impact me?

  • These revisions will not change your monthly pension check if you are already retired or if you retire before January 1, 2018.
  • Benefits to your survivors may also be affected, but without reducing the overall value of their benefits. 
  • Are you planning on getting married? The Marriage After Retirement option will be eliminated effective January 1, 2018.

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