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Episcopal Safety Program

Established in 2005, the Episcopal Safety Program (ESP) was developed to help vestries and Church leaders understand basic risk management by focusing on creating a safe environment for worship.

We take a proactive approach and will conduct a walk-through of your organization’s property and operations and develop a detailed report that outlines your liability risks.

Qualified participants with profitable three-year loss ratios qualify to be rewarded for their efforts in the form of safety dividends, which are based on the annual accident year loss ratio of the diocese. To qualify, a diocese must have a loss ratio of 50% or less. In addition, the diocese and more than 75% of its churches must participate in the ESP program.

Each year, dioceses that qualify are mailed an ESP dividend based on their annual premiums and loss experience. Dioceses are encouraged to use the dividend to support local risk management activities among their churches.

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The Episcopal Safety Program—unexpected benefits we provide to those who serve the Church.


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