Church Pension Group | Part 1

 Spiritual Quiet Hour

Spend this hour in meditation about how you make decisions, and, using the book Strength for the Journey, reflect on Consciousness Practice and its role in your spiritual life.

Decision Making

To be a human being is to have the ability and privilege to make choices. Yet, decision making is often an overwhelming and onerous task. It's not that the actual process of deciding is so difficult. The difficulty lies in the emotional component that surrounds the decisions we make.

Listen: A meditation on Decision Making

By: Renée Miller

Decision Making Meditation

Consciousness Practice

Re-read the chapter titled “Consciousness” in Strength for the Journey (p.101)

After engaging in the Preparatory Prayer Process on p. 131 of Strength for the Journey, sit quietly and remember a time of spiritual epiphany. Try to place yourself in the space of that time, noticing the surroundings, feelings, and circumstances that led you to that moment. Remain still until you feel the presence of God nearby. Ask God to open your mind and heart to perceive the deeper meanings and truth from that epiphany.

Write down the first insight that seems to offer the possibility of further exploration. Ask questions, listen for additional nuggets of wisdom, and write in dialogue form until you feel you have exhausted the insight.

Return your attention to God’s presence and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the time you have spent and for the new learnings you have had.