Church Pension Group | Part 2

We associate gratitude with what has been good or has delighted us. Gratitude practice, however, is broader and deeper than mere thankfulness for what is meaningful or good in our lives. It is a way of being – an inner commitment to thankfulness even when life is difficult or we are facing hardship or struggle.

This section of Continuing CREDO offers an online course on gratitude, a spiritual exercise, and an activity to share with a friend or loved one that will help strengthen your gratitude muscles.

Revisiting Gratitude

Start this next exercise by watching the video.

At the conference you received a booklet titled “With Measured Steps.” On page 12, you were invited to begin thinking about the people you go to for various kinds of support. You might want to take a few minutes now to review that document and see if there are other categories you’d like to add, or other modifications you’d like to make. As you think about the people in your life who support you on your way, offer a prayer of gratitude for their presence, their love, and their consistent care for you.

Practicing Gratitude

Start building moments of gratitude by spending the next few minutes exploring gratitude through an online course.


Practicing Gratitude

The Change That Happens with "Thank You"

About This Course

When we thread our lives with gratefulness, we can better respond to life’s difficulties with resilience. Learn about the change that happens with “Thank You.”


Approximately 10 minutes

Launch Course

Deepening Gratitude

Take a few minutes to read the chapter titled “Gratitude” from Strength for the Journey.

Using the Process for Beginning a Spiritual Practice (p. 131), center yourself in God’s presence. Complete (or continue completing) your list of 100 things for which you are grateful.

End the exercise as directed in the Process for Beginning a Spiritual Practice (p. 133).

Sharing Gratitude

Take time to schedule a lunch or dinner with your spouse or partner, a friend, or a colleague in order to share some of your experiences from CREDO. Offer gratitude to them for their support and encouragement.


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