Sample Monthly Budget

Monthly Income Monthly Expenses
Salary $ Rent or Mortgage $
Earnings from investments $ Monthly Bills $
Pension, annuity, Social Security or other
retirement benefits
$ Medical Expenses $
  $ Monthly Utilities $
  $ ATM withdrawals $
Other income $ Loan or tuition payments $
    Tithing and charitable events $
    Miscellaneous expenses $
Total Income $ Total Expenses $
Total Income $    
Less total Expenses $    
Monthly Balance $    

Please note that this document is provided to you for general informational purposes only and should not be viewed as financial, tax, legal or other advice. Neither Church Life, nor any of its affiliates (collectively, "Church Pension Group") renders any such advice. Be sure to consult with your own professional advisor prior to making any decisions relative to your specific situation. In the event of a conflict between the information contained in this document and the actual annuity or insurance contract, the actual annuity or insurance contract will govern.

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