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Travel Assistance1

When You’re Away from Home

UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance services. UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance provides a comprehensive emergency medical and travel assistance program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have access to worldwide medical and dental referrals, emergency medical treatment, replacement of travel documents and other services. UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance services are available when you are outside the USA or are 100 or more miles from your permanent residence.

The program includes:

  • Assistance in obtaining medical treatment. Whether you need a local referral for treatment or evacuation due to a medical emergency, UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance staff will help make the arrangements.
  • Assistance with providing insurance information and medical records for treatment.
  • Replacement of prescriptions, medical devices and corrective lenses.
  • Emergency travel arrangements and replacement of lost or stolen travel documents.
  • Emergency fund transfers.
  • Destination profiles, which include health and security risks for over 170 countries.

UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance is not responsible for your medical costs while you are traveling. If the services are covered under your medical plan, you can submit them as medical plan claims for reimbursement. Refer to your medical plan handbook for coverage details and information on how to submit a claim.

All the Medical Trust medical plans include the services of UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance travel assistance program.

For more information:

1 The Medical Trust Anthem plans include the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core Program®. If you are travelling outside the United States and need medical care, call Anthem’s Member Services to find out more about Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core benefits. This program is not available to Medical Trust Cigna or Kaiser plan members.

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