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Medical Plans

Access information about your medical plan,1 contact information for health plan vendors and the Medical Trust Client Services call center, and a link to the vendor’s website below. For each plan, you can download the plan summary of benefits and coverage and the plan handbook.

For more information on the types of plans offered by the Medical Trust, see Plan Types. If you work for a small employer and are eligible for Medicare, please see the information on Small Employer Exception Plan (SEE Plan)

If you are retired, please go to the retiree section for information about your benefits.




* Also available as Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)—Small Employer Exception (SEE)

How to Access Telehealth

Use a computer or mobile device to have a virtual visit with board-certified doctors and pediatricians who can diagnose, treat and prescribe most medications for minor medical conditions and common health concerns.

For more information about health plan telehealth platforms and virtual visits with your personal healthcare provider, see the COVID-19 Support Resources page.

Telehealth is available for members participating in Anthem, Cigna, and Kaiser plans.

For plan specific details see:

CDHP/HSA Information

eLearning course:


Health Plan Options for Active Employees Age 65+

For employees 65 and older who continue to work in The Episcopal Church or those who return to work after retirement, determining health plan eligibility and options may require several considerations.

Refer to the Bulletin for Group Benefit Administrators: Understanding Health Plan Options for Employees Age 65+ for details.

Medicare Secondary Payer Small Employer Exception Plan

The Medical Trust offers the option for eligible employers to offer the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Small Employer Exception (SEE) Plan for eligible employees.

There are some variations in the plans offered. Check with your employer for the health plans available to you.

To Request Copies of Plan Summaries

You can ask for a paper copy of your summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) at any time, free of charge. Go to Forms and Publications. Check the box next to the summary you want and then click "Mail It to Me". You can also call Client Services at (800) 480-9967 Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 8:00PM ET to request a copy.

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