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Trends in Ministry Webinar

Insights into Episcopal Clergy

What does today’s clergyperson look like? Where do they minister? How much do they earn?

Matthew Price, PhD, and the Rev. Alistair So-Schoos of our Research & Data team discuss how The Episcopal Church is changing.

Discover how data from bishops, priests, and deacons on race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation enriches the Church’s commitment to Becoming Beloved Community—and illuminates trends in ordination, deployment, and compensation that could affect how the Church carries out its ministry.

Replay the July 21, 2022 webinar:

Matthew Price
Senior Vice President, Research & Data
Church Pension Group

Matthew Price serves as Senior Vice President for Research and Data at the Church Pension Group (CPG). In addition to serving as the Recorder of Ordinations, he is responsible for collecting insights that help inform CPG’s decisions around major policy initiatives in the area of retirement benefits and also has involvement in technical system launches and integrations. He joined CPG in June 2001 as its director of analytical research.

Prior to joining CPG, he was Associate Director, Duke Pastoral Leadership Project, at the J. Ormond Center of the Duke University Divinity School. Previously, he was a Research Associate with the Religion in Urban America Program at the University of Illinois, at Chicago. His background also includes teaching positions at Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

He received a BA in sociology from the London School of Economics, an MA in history from the University of Sussex, and a PhD in sociology from Princeton.

The Rev. Alistair So-Schoos
Data Scientist, Research & Data
Church Pension Group

The Rev. Alistair So-Schoos assists in expanding CPG’s data infrastructure to enable the research team to glean important insights from the information it collects. He applies advanced data analytics to help identify, prepare for, and respond to the changing needs of the Church.

Fr. So-Schoos holds an MDiv from the Virginia Theological Seminary and an MPS in data science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.