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Author’s Corner: En Español

2022 Year-End Issue

With Spanish-speaking communities and bilingual congregations growing around the world, Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI) is expanding our inventory of Spanish-language resources.

“We often get requests for translated materials from Spanish-speakers across the Anglican Communion,” Airié Stuart, CPI’s publisher, said. “The Rev. Canon Anthony Guillén, Director of Ethnic Ministries for The Episcopal Church, has helped us to identify needs within the Church and works with us to make those translations happen.”

Father Guillén was involved in creating the Spanish edition of Robert W. Pritchard’s A History of The Episcopal Church (Una historia de la Iglesia Episcopal), including working with the translator.

CPI, which publishes official worship materials for The Episcopal Church, is also releasing the much anticipated new translation of The Book of Common Prayer, El Libro de Oración Común.

Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and abroad are eager for translated resources, such as electronic faith formation materials. CPI is committed to working to fill these needs in the long term and also to providing print access globally with our new print-on-demand capabilities.

“Our resources are available in virtually every channel in the US, including retail, wholesale, and online booksellers,” Airié said. “We’re excited to expand that to include the Spanish-speaking community around the globe.”

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All’s Well in Bogota

CPG’s commitment to wellness—financial, physical, and emotional—was evident at “La Conference Bienestar,” in Bogota, Colombia, in September. Some 90 clergy, spouses, and partners from the dioceses of Colombia, Ecuador Litoral, and Ecuador Central attended our wellness conference.

Debbie Burnette, Vice President of Education & Wellness Program Operations, stressed the connection between overall well-being and the ability to achieve financial health leading up to and during retirement: “In addition to the faculty-led learning sessions about pensions, health, and wellness, we conducted one-on-one financial consultations to help people understand where they are with their pensions.”

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