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Author’s Corner: Worth It & Wonderful

Inspiration for Christian Women to Live Bravely and Boldly 

by Caitlyn Scaggs

2023 Spring Issue

“Is your life marked by bravery? Are you living as if the world needs you and the gifts you have to give? Are you showing up as your honest, authentic self to contribute and shine bright?”

In her inspirational book Worth It & Wonderful, from Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI), author Caitlyn Scaggs draws on both her eclectic life experiences and deep Christian faith to show that women can root their identity in God’s definition of who they are, and not in how others define them.

Women, she argues, face a paradox: the pressure to “have it all” and the limiting belief that they need to be just one thing. Vulnerable or strong? Mother or businesswoman?

Scaggs—who has been a police officer, entrepreneur, business leader, TV personality, wife, mother, and friend—champions a new approach, urging women to start a journey of self-discovery and embrace lives full of rich contradiction, profound meaning, and deep satisfaction.

“I can’t imagine any woman who wouldn’t relate to this struggle,” Airié Stuart, CPI’s publisher, said. “Reading Caitlin’s writing is like listening to a trusted girlfriend whose great advice leaves you uplifted and inspired. This book brims with courage, gratitude, and joy.”

Publishers Weekly calls it a “confident debut…Believers will find inspiration in this appealing entry.”

Worth It & Wonderful is available online through CPI's website and Episcopal bookstores, Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, and Cokesbury. If you would like to order by phone, call Cokesbury (800) 672-1789 or the Episcopal Booksellers Association at (888) 589-8020.

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