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We Hear You!

2023 Spring Issue

At CPG, we know that feedback is fundamental to understanding how best to support The Episcopal Church. That’s why we use a variety of methods—from surveys and one-on-one outreach to group listening events—to learn how our clients and other stakeholders feel about the job we’re doing and how we might address evolving needs in ways that are in keeping with our vision and purpose.

Deep Dive

One important feedback partner is our Client Council, composed of a rotating group of lay employees, priests, deacons, bishops, and other Church leaders. Its members volunteer their time to provide candid, in-depth perspectives and insights that help CPG improve existing programs, products, and services, vet new ideas we have, and forecast future needs.

Over three days in March, CPG’s Client Council met in-person to share their thoughts on subjects such as support for lay employees, the Denominational Health Plan, emerging trends in ministry, and education for clergy and lay employees. Break-out groups focused on key areas including Church Insurance, Church Publishing, Client Services, educational programming, and CPG systems. 

Why Serve on CPG’s Client Council?

“Too many clergy and lay employees may not be aware of the resources and tools CPG offers to help them make better decisions as they plan for retirement. I hope to help CPG explore strategies and implement creative solutions to better educate members and help more of them achieve their retirement goals.

  • Tapua Tunduwani, Director of Parish Administration and Pastoral Assistant at Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York

“The in-person communication goes a long way toward dispelling myths and rumors! As the only deacon on the Client Council, I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide our unique voice to the conversation.”

  • Deacon Carter Hawley, Executive Director, Association for Episcopal Deacons

“Having worked for the Church for more than three decades, many of those years working with CPG, I hope my experience and perspective can help encourage and impact CPG’s work in serving the Church.” 

  • Matthew Payne, Business Administrator at the Diocese of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Multifactor Authentication in Action

3607_Multifactor_Sidebar_90x90Some clients have noted that multifactor authentication means that accessing their CPG accounts can take a bit more time. However, consider a recent attempt to change a client’s banking information. The authentication process raised red flags. We contacted the client, confirmed they hadn’t requested the change, and stopped fraud in its tracks. That’s multifactor authentication at work!

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