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Fall 2022

Clergy and lay employees reflect on making the most of healthcare benefits, financial education, and pensions.


Vintage Voice: A Retired Priest Pictures the World

I think all priests should be photographers! Ministry is storytelling, and many a story is told through images.

I was raised in a family of photographers in South Bend, Indiana. You could always find me in the darkroom as a kid. Later, I trained at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan, where I also obtained master’s degrees at Union Theological Seminary and General Theological Seminary.

During the 1990s, I served the Church Pension Group as Managing Trustee of The Episcopal Church Medical Trust and Senior Vice President (Claims) for Church Insurance. After that, I pursued two extended interim ministries and served as President & Executive Director of the Seamen's Church Institute in New York City.

I retired on March 1, 2020—just as COVID shut down the world. Photography kept me sane during the lockdown. These days, I take on special projects, like the ongoing assignment with CPG to show the diversity of Episcopal clergy and lay people at work in all kinds of settings. And for a commercial client, I just finished a five-day trip on a large Mississippi River towboat shooting the crew, day and night.

Before I retired, I did the math: Knowing that a defined benefit pension will be there till the end of my days is very reassuring.

With nearly 40 years of credited service in The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan, the Rev. David Rider left active ministry to pursue his love of photography. His work has appeared in many CPG publications.

Early Planning: A Lay Leader Was Ready

I was the treasurer and CFO of The Episcopal Diocese of Hawai'i. I was involved in managing a $50 million endowment fund. CPG took care of the benefits side of the house so I could focus on the work of the church.

Because of CPG, I’ve been able to do the things I wanted to do during retirement. Spending time with my grandchildren is like tasting a slice of heaven. My advice is to start thinking about retirement early in your career. Take advantage of CPG’s financial education specialists and eLearning. They are wonderful resources.

 --More from Peter Pereira, retired lay employee


Financial Education: Student Loan Forgiveness

I have student loans and was curious to see if there would be anything I might take advantage of in CPG’s webinar. It was a 10! The best part was the slide presentation. I learned so much and I definitely will be taking action.

--a participant in a student loan forgiveness webinar, one of CPG’s many financial education resources designed especially for lay employees and clergy

Watch a replay of our Public Service Loan Forgiveness webinar. Until October 31, 2022, borrowers may receive credit for payments that previously did not qualify for PSLF.


By Your Side: A Bishop on Healthcare

One of my children has an autoimmune disorder. Getting him cared for has sometimes been difficult. But the Church Pension Group has always been on my side and been willing to help me navigate all of the crazy of the insurance world. I’m just deeply grateful that I’ve been able to get my son treatment when he needed it and we haven’t had to go bankrupt to do that.

CPG has been that kind of hidden piece in the background that makes planning for the future possible.

--More From Bishop Kimberly Lucas, The Episcopal Church of Colorado


Dependable Support: A Surviving Spouse’s Story

I’m sure there are many clergy wives who would say, “I would never have made it without The Church Pension Fund.”

--More from Roberta (“Tutu”) DuTeil, centenarian widow of the Rev. Claude DuTeil

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