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Fall 2022

Each General Convention re-energizes us at CPG. We share our responses to prior General Convention requests, and we learn new ways to help the Church that are consistent with our purpose. Along with other efforts between now and the next General Convention, CPG will be focusing on these initiatives:

Advising the Church on the Denominational Health Plan (Resolution 2022-D034)

CPG will be working with a task force to review the structure and offerings of the Denominational Health Plan and provide options for the 81st General Convention to consider for reducing the cost of healthcare across the Church.

Adding optional maternity disability coverage (Resolution 2022-C065)

We are adding an optional short-term disability plan that extends the benefit for maternity leave to 12 weeks, with no elimination period requirement for childbirth. This means that benefit payments can begin without the typical two-week waiting period. The Church Pension Fund already offers a 12-week maternity benefit to eligible clergy. The additional plan, which will become effective January 1, 2023, brings further parity to benefits for clergy and lay employees. Watch a replay of our Disability Plan Selections webinar.

Conducting an audit of the funds of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society to identify ties to the slave trade (Resolution 2022-A129)

We will be following the lead of other large Episcopal institutions and the Church as we undertake research into the origins and sources of CPG’s financial assets to determine the nature of potential ties to slavery and the resulting contemporary injustices.

With Gratitude

We at CPG are grateful to the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings for her decade of service as President of the House of Deputies. Her impact on the Church will be felt forever, and we wish her the best in her next chapter. Our gratitude extends as well to Byron Rushing for his distinguished service as Vice President. We look forward to working with Julia Ayala Harris, and the Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton, the newly elected President and Vice President, respectively, of the House of Deputies, and other officers of General Convention to continue our important work together.

We are also thankful for our outgoing trustees, those continuing to serve, and our new board members.

Exemplary Allies

We were honored to accept a 2022 UBE Exemplary Ally Award from the Union of Black Episcopalians in July. We have collaborated with UBE in various ways, and we look forward to continuing to work together toward becoming God’s Beloved Community.

CPG CEO and President Mary Kate Wold, who accepted the award on our behalf, noted, “We are tremendously honored to have received this award and are so grateful for our relationship with the UBE. As recent examples of our work together, we’ve collaborated to design an Affinity CREDO and have had critical UBE support in our efforts to collect racial and ethnic data on behalf of the Church.”

CPG was lauded for continuing to undertake bold and innovative initiatives that demonstrate that we are not just identifying evolving needs but are responding to them.


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