Natural Disasters

Support for Natural Disaster Victims

Important Information for Victims

Our thoughts and prayers are with our members impacted by natural disasters. For healthcare issues, including continuity of care questions or lost medical ID cards, use the following links for provider contact information.

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Cigna's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers assistance to Medical Trust members enrolled in our active and retirees plans, as well as those enrolled in the EAP only. The assistance is available for members and family members in their households and can help with the many issues faced after a disaster.

Access EAP Services:
(866) 395-7794,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In addition, The Medical Trust, through Cigna Behavior Health's Disaster Response Resource, provides you with valuable information about emergency resources available to assist in disaster aid and recovery. These include local resources and information specific to hurricanes and flooding. These online resources are available to everyone, regardless of their medical coverage.

Cigna’s Health Advocate has provided Disaster Support Resources for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, as well as wildfires in California

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Anthem is offering LiveHealth Online free doctor visits for the people of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida impacted by the hurricanes. It is available through December 31, 2017.

LiveHealth Online is a convenient tool to access quality medical care for common health conditions such as colds, cuts, bruises, sprains or strains, and other non-emergency issues. Prescriptions and/or prescription refills can be provided by board-certified doctors if needed. For more information visit LiveHealth Online - Hurricane Harvey  or LiveHealth Online - Hurricane Irma.

To receive this benefit:

For members affected by wildfires in California, Anthem has also relaxed certain guidelines for obtaining prescription refills, referrals, pre-certifications and replacement medical equipment. Contact Anthem Member Services for more information.