Church Pension Group | Part 2

Deepening Motivation

Deepening Motivation involves paying attention, finding fresh and creative aspects of the aspirations that newly engage us, and developing habits that keep us moving forward. The following activities nurture engagement through these elements of attention, creativity, and habit.

Motivation Meditation

Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for a few minutes in order to engage in the following guided meditation.

Listen: A Meditation for Motivation

By: Renée Miller

Motivation Mediation

Motivation and Creativity

It is sometimes hard to stay focused on commitments we make, and easy to simply feel guilty or push ourselves through sheer willpower. When we expose ourselves to beauty, engage in a creative activity, or step into a space that enlarges and captivates us, we are surprised to find our motivation returning. For the next few minutes, read the chapter “Art” from Strength for the Journey (p 69). Then schedule a time with a friend, spouse, partner, or loved one to visit an art gallery or art exhibit near you. Allow your senses to engage the art, and let the spiritual practice re-ignite your motivation to move forward.

Walk and Be Well

Motivation is more than a discrete moment of excitement. It is also a sustained frame of mind that helps us develop a habit. The 28-day program – “Walk and Be Well” – offers a sustained activity that helps motivation become more than an item to be checked off a to-do list. Instead, it becomes an avenue for lasting change, especially when shared with a friend, spouse, partner, or loved one.

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