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We know that our community is key to our identity and purpose.

Let’s start with some helpful questions, tools and friendly suggestions. Because one thing we know is that priests never really retire. You may be retired and receiving a pension - and find your self busier than ever. Will you choose to do what you really desire or just do whatever comes up?

CPG offers access to resources that can help you stay connected to your friends, peers, and vocation.

  • Chaplains to the Retired. The CPG-supported Diocesan Chaplains to the Retired program provides a support system for retired clergy. Most dioceses have appointed chaplains who are dedicated to providing retirees, their spouses, and dependents with support during retirement. Through gatherings, conferences, and individual contact, the chaplains encourage retirees to stay connected to the Church and their vocation, and they offer diocesan conferences to promote a happy, health, and rewarding retirement.
  • ClergyFinder. Do you want to reconnect with a friend from seminary? If so, use our ClergyFinder tool to find up to date contact information for Episcopal clergy both retired and still serving.
  • ParishFinder. Use ParishFinder to locate an Episcopal Churches.

Socialization is a great way to ward off stress, says Steve Brody, a psychologist in Cambria, California, who works with retirees. He's the co-author of Renew Your Marriage at Midlife written with his wife, Cathy Brody. "We are social creatures, so we need to stay connected with others."