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Chaplains to the Retired

The Chaplains to the Retired Program provides local support to retired clergy, their spouses, and surviving spouses. Each diocesan bishop is encouraged to appoint Chaplains to the Retired. These chaplains serve you by:

  • Providing local pastoral care and support for spouses and beneficiaries
  • Hosting gatherings
  • Keeping you in touch through regular communication

To support the Chaplains to the Retired, CPG holds annual meetings to keep them up-to-date on the benefits provided by CPG and other information important to retirees.

Do You Have Questions?

Please contact:
The Rev. Laura Queen
(212) 592-6360

Sean Scheller
(212) 592-8357 

Find a Chaplain

Chaplains By Province:
Province I: New England
Province II: Northeast
Province III: Mid-Atlantic
Province IV: Southeast
Province V: Upper Midwest
Province VI: Rockies and Plains
Province VII: South and Midwest
Province VIII: West