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Your Pension

Now that you are receiving your pension benefits, make sure that you understand the benefits you may be entitled to as a participant in the Clergy Pension Plan.

Clergy Pension Plan. Benefits available to eligible participants include:

  • Monthly Pension Benefit
  • Survivor's Benefits
  • Resettlement Benefit

See A Guide to Clergy Benefits for more information (also available in Español).

Group Life Insurance. Clerics receiving a pension benefit may be eligible for a group life insurance benefit from CPF. Should you die after you retire, your beneficiary will receive a benefit equal to four times your highest average compensation, with a minimum value of $10,000, and a maximum value of $50,000. See Group Life Insurance for details.

Medicare Supplement Health Plan. Eligible retirees and their eligible spouses can purchase a Medical Trust Medicare Supplement Health Plan to supplement the coverage available through Medicare. CPF provides a subsidy for eligible retired clergy and their eligible spouses toward the cost of these plans.

For more complete information on your pension benefits, see Clergy Pension Benefits or A Guide to Clergy Benefits. Please know that you can always call Client Services at (866) 802-6333, Monday — Friday, 8:30AM — 8:00PM ET (excluding holidays) if you have any questions.


Understanding The Church Pension Fund
Clergy Pension Plan — U.S. Dioceses

A good understanding of The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan may help you make the right decisions today for your benefits in the future.

Tips & Resources - Your Pension
When you retired, you selected benefit options impacting pension benefits to your surviving spouse or eligible beneficiaries. These decisions are irrevocable.
If you marry in retirement, you have the opportunity to provide a benefit for your new spouse by reducing your pension. There is a 180-day window after your marriage to take advantage of this opportunity. See Life Event Changes for details.

If you are considering working after you begin receiving a pension benefit, make sure that you understand the Clergy Pension Plan Working While Pensioned guidelines. If you work after retirement in the Episcopal Church, there is a limit to the income you can earn while receiving a pension benefit. Exceeding the limits may impact your pension benefit and healthcare benefits. For more information, see Working While Pensioned.

Working in retirement may impact your social security benefit. See this Social Security Administration brochure for information about income thresholds and their impact on your social security benefit.
In retirement you no longer earn years of Credited Service (CS). So while you continue to celebrate Ordination Anniversaries, you are not increasing your benefits or years of CS with CPG.

You can always view information about your individual pension, retirement savings, medical benefits, and life insurance at MyCPG Accounts.