Church Pension Group | Part 1

 Rest and Replenish Retreat

If you have not yet done so, schedule a two-hour block of time on your calendar within the next two weeks for a mini-retreat/reflection time. This will be an opportunity to review your CREDO experience and your CREDO Rule of Life. You may find that such reflection will yield new insights and ideas or confirm your commitment to the plans you have already made.

This retreat/reflection time is designed for you to reflect on the past couple of weeks since you returned home. It provides time and space to assess your re-entry and what next steps you want to implement as you begin the transition of making your CREDO experience an ongoing part of your life.

Find a quiet place away from your workday world.


Spend a few minutes with a simple exercise of centering yourself in the presence of God. You might listen to a beautiful piece of music as you allow your mind to descend into your heart, or read a favorite passage of Scripture, or pray the Office slowly and reflectively. Once you are centered, engage in the Remembering Your CREDO meditation.

Listen: Remembering My CREDO: A Meditation

Remembering My CREDO: A Meditation


Spend 20-30 minutes reflecting on your life since returning home from CREDO.

Questions to consider include:

  • Who/what has sustained my energy and supported my re-entry?
  • What have been difficult aspects of re-entry, and is there still unfinished business that needs attention?
  • How have I supported my loved ones/family/congregation/workplace these past couple of weeks?
  • What has continued to burn within me, and what has been gently let go from my CREDO experience?

Sacred Walk

Take a few minutes to read the chapter, “Walking” from Strength for the Journey.

Take a 15-minute walk giving attention to the feel of your body as you walk on the earth. Drink deeply of the air and offer prayers from your heart.

Writing Experience

Spend 30 minutes reviewing your CREDO Rule of Life and write about the steps you want to take as you begin to move into the time when CREDO becomes a lived experience.

Spend the remaining minutes of your 2-hour retreat/reflection time offering your silent thanksgiving to God for the wonder of your life, the wonder of you, and the wonder of serving others in Christ’s name.