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Well-being support for body, mind, and bank account

After completing a module in Stronger Together, you may be inspired, motivated, informed, and, perhaps, a little daunted. What's next?

Here's a strategy, and it’s incremental. Take a step, then take another. Establishing patterns and practices to support your financial well-being and overall health is a process. Behavior change often involves reviewing things you have learned and recommitting to habits that serve you and re-evaluating which steps take you closer to your well-being goals.

Below you’ll find links to some resources to help:

  • The six Stronger Together eLearning modules 
  • Financial calculators to help plan ahead for your retirement
  • A few additional eLearning courses on financial health and general well-being

And don’t forget the about the value of supportive friends, family and colleagues. Consider starting a well-being group at work, or at home, either virtually or in person.

Stronger Together Modules

Week 1: Making Well-being a Habit
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Week 2:  Money and Well-being
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Week 3: Social Connectedness and Financial Health
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Week 4: Defining and Financing a Purposeful Life
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Week 5: Physically Well and Money Wise
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Week 6: The Cost of Stress on Well-being
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PlanAhead Calculator

PlanAhead for Retirement® is an online retirement planning tool customized for lay employees in the Lay Employee Defined Benefit Pension Plan and the Lay Employee Defined Contribution Plan.

More eLearning Resources:

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Interactive Budgeting Worksheet

A budget is a simple money management tool. Try this budgeting worksheet to help you focus on meeting your financial goals.

Launch Worksheet

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Your Healthcare Benefits

Here’s a quick guide to your healthcare benefits and the coverage available to you and your family.

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SMART: Five Key Ways to Make Your Goals More Effective

Hone your personal goals for health and financial well-being with help from this newly updated interactive course.

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Visioning: See Your Way to Wellness

Need a kick-start for improved health and financial well-being? Use visioning to create a healthier tomorrow.

Nutrition: Your Next Meal

Discover ways to help make food choices that are right for you.

Resilience: Stacking the Odds for Wellness

Interested in tips, tools and practices for enhancing resilience? Our multi-part course offers a practical, interactive guide.