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Well-being support for body, mind, and bank account

What’s next? After 6 weeks of modules and virtual conversation you may be inspired, motivated, informed, and, perhaps, a little daunted.

There’s a good solution, and it’s incremental. Take a step, then take another. Establishing patterns and practices to support your financial well-being and overall health is a process. Behavior change often involves reviewing things you have learned and recommitting to habits that serve you.

Here you’ll find links to some resources to help:

  • 6 eLearning modules that you completed during your program
  • Financial calculators to help plan ahead for your retirement
  • A few additional eLearning courses on financial health and general well-being

And don’t forget the support you felt from lay colleagues in your virtual check-ins. Consider starting a well-being group at work, among friends, or at home, either virtually or in person.

Stronger Together Modules

Week 1: Making Well-being a Habit
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Week 2:  Money and Well-being
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Week 3: Social Connectedness and Financial Health
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Week 4: Defining and Financing a Purposeful Life
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Week 5: Physically Well and Money Wise
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Week 6: The Cost of Stress on Well-being
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PlanAhead Calculator

PlanAhead for Retirement® is an online retirement planning tool customized for lay employees in the Lay Employee Defined Benefit Pension Plan and the Lay Employee Defined Contribution Plan.

More eLearning Resources:

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The Episcopal Church Lay Employees’ Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (Lay DC Plan)

Are you planning for the future you want? Start today by making the most of the Lay DC Plan.

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The Episcopal Church Retirement Savings Plan (RSVP)

If you are a clergy or lay employee enrolled in a defined benefit pension plan, you may have the option of contributing your own money toward your retirement savings.

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Interactive Budgeting Worksheet

A budget is a simple money management tool. Try this budgeting worksheet to help you focus on meeting your financial goals.

Launch Worksheet 

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Your Healthcare Benefits

Here’s a quick guide to your healthcare benefits and the coverage available to you and your family.

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SMART: Five Key Ways to Make Your Goals More Effective

Hone your personal goals for health and financial well-being with help from this newly updated interactive course.

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Visioning: See Your Way to Wellness

Need a kick-start for improved health and financial well-being? Use visioning to create a healthier tomorrow.

Nutrition: Your Next Meal

Discover ways to help make food choices that are right for you.

Resilience: Stacking the Odds for Wellness

Interested in tips, tools and practices for enhancing resilience? Our multi-part course offers a practical, interactive guide.