Church Pension Group | Your Roadmap to Savings and Investing

Your Roadmap to Savings and Investing

Setting Financial Goals

Setting financial goals is easy; achieving them can be difficult. You can improve the likelihood of success by setting goals that are SMART. Discover how to set SMART financial goals and get started on successful savings!


Rainy Day Funds

Car and home repairs, medical bills, or the loss of a job can derail your budget. Building a rainy day fund helps you avoid draining your savings or increasing your debt when you have an unexpected or emergency expense. Let’s look at how much you need to save and where to keep those rainy day funds.


Stocks, Bonds, and More

What’s your investment IQ? When it comes to stocks, bonds, or money market funds, are you familiar with the return and cash flow these investments provide? Do you know how much risk is involved? Learn what every investor needs to know about his or her investment choices.


Understanding Your Risk

Are you a risk taker? Should you be? Part of smart investing is determining how much risk you can bear and incorporating your risk tolerance into your investment strategy. The goal is to develop a strategy that meets your financial needs, while allowing you to sleep well at night. So let’s consider what your risk tolerance is.


Investment Strategies

What constitutes a good investment strategy? Does one size fit all? Putting together an investment strategy that meets your goals and reduces overall taxes owed can significantly increase how well your money works for you.


Investment Fraud

Investment fraud is something we think will happen to someone else. But it is easy to be lured into investing in schemes that promise “high return and little risk.” How can you evaluate potential investments and protect yourself? Learn about common investment frauds and where to investigate before you invest.


Selecting a Financial Planner

You don’t have to handle financial decisions alone. A good financial planner will work with you to review your entire financial picture – your current finances and your goals – and help you develop a realistic plan. Read our tips on finding a financial planner that is right for you.