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Continuity—with Fresh Perspectives

Fall 2022

As the new Chair of the Board, I’m pleased to lead trustee support for CPG in helping reduce the stress that clergy and lay employees may feel about their retirement and ongoing healthcare. Along with protecting Church buildings and publishing faith-based books and resources, this helps them focus on their ministries.

I’ve been an active Episcopalian my entire life. I have served the Church in various local, provincial, and national roles. It is an honor to bring my experiences to bear with my colleagues on the CPF Board for the benefit of our Church.

I’m excited about working with my fellow trustees who all bring diverse perspectives. I look forward to welcoming new members to the CPF Board as we listen to voices around the Church, within CPG, and around our board table.

--More from Canon Kathryn McCormick, Chair, The Church Pension Fund Board of Trustees

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