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Lay Resources: More Than Meets the Eye

2023 Spring Issue

Lay employees play critical roles in the vibrancy of The Episcopal Church—and are vital to its future. The Church Pension Group offers benefits and other resources to eligible lay employees so they can serve The Episcopal Church faithfully, and have the highest possible level of income in retirement consistent with exemplary financial stewardship on CPG’s part and with the evolving needs of the Church. Serving lay employees is part of our purpose and vision.

Many people may be familiar with the retirement savings plans, healthcare benefits, and disability and life insurance we offer, but our lay resources also include lesser-known offerings that can help employees make good decisions as they plan for and manage retirement:

Self-Paced Learning—The online courses in our eLearning Library help our clients get more from our retirement and other benefits programs. A multi-module format breaks down curricula into bite-size pieces with interactive features, including video, audio, self-evaluations, and user-driven navigation. Titles also cover related topics such as Social Security and financial fraud. PlanAhead for Retirement®, Retirement Savings Spending Calculator, Pension Estimator,* worksheets, and other tools encourage employees to model their income and expenses in retirement. And for those who prefer just to listen, our Choose Well podcast episodes take a holistic approach to well-being, an essential ingredient for achieving financial security.

Wellness Workshops and Webinars—CPG faculty and third-party experts share insights and expertise on topics such as resilience and the direct connection between health (before and during retirement) and financial security (during retirement).

Recordings of most webinars are posted on our website, along with slides, handouts, and other resources used or referred to during the online presentations and in-person gatherings.

Individual Meetings—Active and retired employees who receive benefits from CPG can schedule a complimentary discussion with a financial specialist. Every year, our team meets with hundreds of employees to conduct reviews of their current financial positions against their goals. These confidential sessions are available in English and Spanish.

We continue to introduce new resources and encourage lay employees to check frequently for the latest updates.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? CPG is listening. Please reach out to us at

CPG Connect Disclaimer

*The pension estimator is available to participants in The Episcopal Church Lay Employees’ Retirement Plan (Lay Defined Benefit Plan) and is accessed through MyCPG Accounts.