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Pension Estimates

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To request an estimate of your pension:

  • Phone: (866) 802-6333
    Monday - Friday
    8:30AM - 8:00PM ET
    (excluding holidays)
  • Email us1  
  • Fax your request to (877) 432-9274

You will need to provide your:

  • Expected retirement date
  • Delivery preference (email or regular mail)
  • Legal first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Spousal/Beneficiary name and date of birth

You will receive your estimate in approximately 10 business days. If you choose the email delivery method, we will send you an encrypted email with instruction to receive a password-protected PDF of your estimate.

1To protect your privacy, do not include your Social Security number in your email message.

Estimate Your Pension

Your annual benefit is calculated by multiplying your Highest Average Compensation (HAC) by your years of Credited Service (CS) and then 1.5%. Your benefit will be reduced if you retire before age 65.

For example, if you retire with 30 years of Credited Service and a Highest Average Compensation of $25,000, your annual pension benefit will be calculated as:
$25,000 x 30 x 1.5% = $11,250

Each year you receive a Personal Information Summary with your projected benefit based on service to date and estimated service to normal retirement.

The Lay Defined Benefit Plan is a qualified plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, but as a church plan, it is not subject to ERISA. The plan's financial condition is disclosed in the Church Pension Group Annual Report.

The Church Pension Fund, as sponsor of this plan, continues to monitor the funding status closely. Like many defined benefit plans, the Lay Defined Benefit Plan currently is not fully funded. The Church Pension Fund retains the right to amend, terminate or modify the terms of the Lay Defined Benefit Plan, including the employer assessment rate, without notice and for any reason.

Pensions Disclaimer

Unless otherwise noted, websites referenced herein that are outside the www.cpg.org domain are not associated with The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates (collectively, the Church Pension Group) and the Church Pension Group is not responsible for the content of any such websites.

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