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PlanAhead for Retirement®

PlanAhead for Retirement® is an online retirement planning tool customized for lay employees in the Lay Employee Defined Benefit Pension Plan and the Lay Employee Defined Contribution Plan.

How It Works

After entering some basic information about yourself (and your spouse, if appropriate) and your current retirement savings, the program projects:

  • Your expected retirement income (from your pension, Social Security, etc.)
  • How much income you will need and what costs your projected income will cover.
  • And also suggests ways to change or improve those results.

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Additional Features

Steps for Improving Your Plan gives you suggestions on how to increase your retirement income through savings and/or investment earnings.

Advanced Inputs and Overrides help personalize the PlanAhead tool to closely mirror your individual situation.

Employees in the Defined Contribution Plan can find financial planning help using CPG's downloadable resources and on Fidelity's website.