Church Pension Group | Part 2

Vocational Quiet Hour

Take this hour to think more about the importance of visioning in your vocational life using the online course Seeing Your Way to Wellness. Also spend some time in meditation, listening to what God might be revealing to you about your vocational health.




Seeing Your Way to Wellness

About This Course

In this interactive course, you’ll find multiple avenues for beginning your visioning process, including audio meditations and visualization exercises. This is not daydreaming; you’ll focus on what means the most to you in your life and how you envision your tomorrows. You can hone the visioning skills you already have, or learn from scratch about how visioning can help you move forward.


Approximately 20 minutes
Mobile Friendly!

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Guided Meditation

Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for a few minutes in order to engage in the following guided meditation.

Listen: A Meditation on Vocation

By: Renée Miller

Vocational Meditation