Church Pension Group | Part 3

Physical Health Quiet Hour

While we know diet and exercise are important, use this quiet hour to think about how to better manage your cravings through an online course. Then engage in a meditative walking exercise.



Managing Cravings and Emotional Eating

Finding Real Nourishment for Body and Soul

About This Course

What are the highlights and difficulties of your mealtimes? What successes and challenges do you experience when grocery shopping, meal planning, and determining what to eat? You may find your next meal to be both rewarding and frustrating. Busy schedules, limited food options, staff and church meetings that involve sweets and desserts—these can all hinder even the best efforts to eat healthy. In this course you’ll find information that may help.


Approximately 10 minutes
Mobile Friendly!

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A Walking Meditation

Prepare for a 20-minute walk. You will be meditating on a phrase that may, at first, seem incongruent, confusing, even troubling. As you walk, simply be aware of your linear mind trying to figure out the words; observe the incongruence, confusion, trouble that you feel.

When you feel ready, stop for a few moments to ask God to open your understanding in the center of your being, so that the words become fresh, new, hopeful, liberating. Then begin to walk again. As you walk be aware of what links and connections can be made with your new understanding.

Meditate on the following phrase as you walk:

“The meaning of life is to live.”