Retired Lay Employees

Join Us for Lunch at General Convention

We would love to see you in Austin! CPG is hosting two Insights & Ideas General Convention Luncheon Conversations—The Demographics of a Changing Church and Investing for Positive Impact featuring panel discussions with thought leaders in the Church and the private sector.

For more details visit Insights & Ideas.

79th General Convention

Learn more about CPG and its three lines of business (benefits, property and casualty insurance, and publishing) and access CPG's reports to General Convention and information about events CPG is sponsoring.

Visit our 79th General Convention website here.

Medicare Sending New ID Cards

Medicare is mailing new Medicare cards beginning April 1, 2018, through April 1, 2019. The new cards will no longer include individuals’ Social Security numbers. Instead, a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) number will be assigned to each individual. Learn more here or at at

UnitedHealthcare does not use Social Security numbers or HICNs on its ID cards. The UnitedHealthcare ID cards will not change.

Avoid scams: Medicare will never initiate calls about your new card, or ask to verify information over the phone!

Lay Employee Survey Launches

CPG launches survey to examine the retirement readiness of lay employees of the Episcopal Church. The survey results will inform the programs and tool we make available to lay employees to help them plan for retirement. 

For more details, click here to read the press release.

Tax Reform Legislation

On Friday, December 22, 2017 President Donald Trump signed tax reform legislation into law. Please note, the tax reform legislation does not impact the housing allowance exclusion for clergy.

We will continue to review the tax legislation and its potential impact on the benefits that we offer to our clients and provide relevant updates. Click here for contact information for our tax hotline.

CPG Learning has expanded to provide you with information and resources about financial topics to help you manage your finances and plan for retirement and health and wellness topics to assist you live a healthier life.

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