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Retired Lay Employees

Episcopal Perspectives on Socially Responsible Investing

Want to learn about Episcopal perspectives on socially responsible investing? Here's a replay of our Insights & Ideas conversation with global industry leaders.

General Convention Resource Hub 

Our General Convention resource hub is a one-stop source for CPG information and updates. Before Louisville, check out the reports to General Convention, trustee nominations, and more. 

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Can Help.

Check out the mental health resources available to you.

Annual Pension Statements

2023 annual pension statements are available on MyCPG Accounts . Don’t have an account? Your statement will be mailed to you.

A Message from the Chair

Meet the incoming chair—Canon Anne M. Vickers—and learn what CPG is doing to improve clients' experiences, stay up to date with trends, monitor the organization's investment performance, and other topics that were discussed at the spring CPF Board of Trustees meeting.

Coping Tips for Uncertain Times

Learn how your life choices can lead to a happier and healthier you.