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Your Mental Health: Take Charge

We’ve been noticing an increase in questions and healthcare claims related to mental health. We hear you and want to ensure that you’re aware of the resources available to support you and your colleagues, should the need arise.

CPG offers a range of programs and services to help eligible clergy, lay employees, and their dependents* manage stress and other mental health challenges, from depression to addiction.

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Counseling and Medical Assistance


Resilience: Stacking the Odds for Wellness

Interested in tips, tools and practices for enhancing resilience? Our multi-part course offers a practical, interactive guide.

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Could This Be Burnout?

Episcopal priest and clinical mental health therapist Mario Conliffe discusses ways to understand burnout and offers suggestions for promoting well-being.

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Coping Tips for Uncertain Times

Short videos to support well-being of both body and mind.

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Visioning: See Your Way to Wellness

Need a kick-start for improved health and financial well-being? Use visioning to create a healthier tomorrow.

*These benefits are available to people who participate in a healthcare plan sponsored by the Episcopal Church Medical Trust.


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