CPF Pension Plan Basics

Your pension benefits are a key component of your retirement financial planning. Learn the basics of The Church Pension Fund plans.


When Can I Retire?

Making the decision to retire involves many factors. Learn about the financial and personal issues to consider and resources to use when making your decision.


Social Security and Medicare

Do you know how to find out what you can expect from Social Security and when you can begin taking it? Is Medicare enough to cover your medical expenses in retirement, or will you need to find supplemental insurance? Learn the answer to these questions and more.


Survivor's Benefits

Be sure that your survivors are protected. Understand the benefits available to them through the CPF pension and retirement savings plans, as well as those from your life insurance plans, other savings, and Social Security.


Reverse Mortgages

You’ve paid off your mortgage, but find that you need to access cash during retirement. Is a reverse mortgage the right way to convert the equity in your home to cash? Learn more to determine if this investment vehicle is right for you.


This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment, tax, financial, legal or other advice. Your personal decisions should be based on the recommendations of your own professional advisors.