Calculators and Worksheets

CPF offers a suite of tools, ranging from Financial Planning Worksheets to Estate Planning Kits, to provide assistance as you plan for your retirement.  They can be used independently or as additional resources for Planning For Wellness conferences and PlanAhead for Retirement®.

Financial Planning Worksheets

Our library of financial planning worksheets can help you create a budget and set financial goals.  

Life Insurance Calculator

New HampshireThe amount of life insurance you need depends on how you plan to care for your loved ones after you die. Our Life Insurance Calculator can help you determine your life insurance needs. If you have questions, please contact our financial education specialists.

Estate Planning Kit

The Church Pension Group's Estate Planning Kit includes these three helpful guides:

  • Personal & Financial Records helps you plan ahead and ensure your information is accurate.
  • Making Your Will and what you should know before even talking to a lawyer.
  • Survivor's Guide will show you when at you need to do now to protect your loved ones.

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