Walk and Be Well

  Walk and Be Well - 28 Day Walking Program

We can change our lives by walking. A walk brings us closer to better overall health and improved well-being by allowing us time for reflection while we exercise our bodies. We learn about the importance of walking in our lives  - and how regular walking can lead to improved physical, psychological and spiritual health - from coaches, doctors, and even our faith traditions. Taking the time for a regular walking program can lead us into new relationships with ourselves, with others and with God.

CPG's Walk and Be Well program, sponsored by Education & Wellness, is a 28-day interactive program that helps you realize the many and varied benefits of regular and intentional walking. The program is a series of daily audio reflections to guide you through your walk and provide inspiration for contemplation. Accompanying you on your daily walk are our contributors:  Jacqueline Cameron, Renée Miller, Elizabeth McKay Moosbrugger, and Bill Watson. Music by Fran McKendree provides a lively tempo for walking.

You set the distance and pace. You can walk alone or with friends. Whether you are starting out or are a walking devotee, Walk and Be Well offers an engaging, interactive experience.

"I was even more motivated to walk even on the days I was feeling exhausted from a full day of work."

Once you have signed up for the program, you'll receive a daily email with the podcast for that day featuring inspirational reflections to keep you motivated and provide food for thought during your walk. Reflections can be downloaded as podcasts or streamed from the CPG website; use them while walking solely or share them with your walking partner or group.

"It was a very helpful and uplifting experience... A real positive viewpoint..."

Before You Begin

Be prepared to start walking! Check out information on the benefits of exercise and how to walk safely to get the most out of Walk and Be Well.

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Our Contributors

Our contributors have shared their wisdom and inspiration in their daily reflections.

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Ready to Start?

Are you ready to start? Our daily reflections and podcasts are available when you are.

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