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Keep Walking

Walking can be a life-changing experience - boosting your physical health and providing the opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth. We've compiled resources for you to enhance the benefits of your walking program and keep you motivated as you walk to improved well-being.

Ready your body and soul for your walking and reflection time. Led by the Rev. Renée Miller.

Listen to this brief breathing exercise before your walk.

Download: Breathing Exercise 


Walking practice will slow us down and open us up. It will tighten the empty pockets in our souls and make us full."  Renée Miller

Want more for your reflection time? Read and listen to the Rev. Renée Miller’s insights on the benefits of a walking practice.  From her book Strength for the Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Practice, published by CREDO and Morehouse Publishing, an imprint of Church Publishing Incorporated. 


Be Well...

It's important to care for for our whole being. Three books from Church Publishing Incorporated address holistic wellness - feeding your soul while improving your health.

All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness
William S. Craddock, Jr., editor

CREDO and Morehouse Publishing Inc.'s anthology of health and well-being, All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness, includes a series of essays on wellness. The Rev. Dr. William J. Watson III
’s short essay “Wellness Begins with a Walk
” explores the importance of caring for our whole being - mind, body and spirit - and how walking is a very good place to begin.

Marvelously Made: Gratefulness and the Body
Mary C. Earle

In Marvelously Made: Gratefulness and the Body author Mary C. Earle
 celebrates our bodies by focusing chapters on different body parts and exploring each through personal anecdotes and lucid descriptions of their anatomy and function. She ends each chapter with a prayer and practice that draws our attention inward.

Christ Walk: A 40-Day Spiritual Fitness Program
Anna Fitch Courie

What’s better than feeding your soul while developing healthy practices for your body and mind? Christ Walk outlines a 40-day program for individuals and groups to focus on improving physical health while engaging in spiritual and mental reflection and growth. Each chapter is a daily meditation on different aspects of mind, body, and spiritual health tied to biblical teachings and Christian traditions.


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