Planning for Wellness Conference

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It works!

“My husband and I learned so much (that we thought we already knew) and have been re-invigorated to continue a healthy lifestyle! Blessings
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

About Planning for Wellness

Between a career and family, it's hard to find time to focus on your financial picture, let alone your health. This unique conference provides financial planning and education along with a focus on your physical and psychological well-being. The Planning for Wellness Conference will give you the chance to learn what you need to know about both.

Join us to take the first step toward...

  • Managing your current finances
  • Goal setting and planning for your future
  • Improving your well-being through exercise and nutrition
  • Stress management and resiliency

You'll learn about the steps you can take - small steps that fit into your life - to set financial goals and improve your health. You'll also learn about the benefits you have available through CPG. 

Join your friends and colleagues for this timely, informative conference!

What You Will Learn

Planning for Wellness Conferences are designed to provide you with the information you need to  set goals, create a financial plan, and to take practical steps - small steps you can fit into your life - to improve your health.

Understand and maximize your pension and health plan benefits and learn strategies for:

  • Organizing your finances
  • Managing your diet with a busy lifestyle
  • Adding more movement into your daily routine
  • Taking care of yourself financially, physically, and emotionally

As a participant in the program, you'll be enrolled in our Planning for Wellness post-conference support program. 

Who Should Attend

Clergy, their spouses or partners.


Your cost is subsidized by CPG:

  • Your cost is $75/individual or $100/couple
  • Cost includes all meals and lodging for one night. CPG will book your room for you.  

Conference Schedule

We sponsor conferences across the Church. Check the calendar to see if there is an upcoming conference in your area.