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Annual Enrollment

Enrollment occurs:

  • When a new group joins the Medical Trust and its employees go online to select a health plan
  • Annually to provide an opportunity for employees to enroll in a Medical Trust plan or make changes for the coming year. It's your once-a-year opportunity to review the options available to you and select the plan that best meets your healthcare and financial needs for the coming year. This occurs in the fall.

2024 Annual Enrollment

It's almost time to enroll in your 2024 health benefits!

Annual Enrollment for active clergy and lay employees takes place:

  • Session 1: October 11 – November 1
  • Session 2: October 25 – November 15

Check the Annual Enrollment letter we sent you (in early October), or contact your benefits administrator for your session dates.

2024 decision guides coming soon!

Are you retired?
Retirees under age 65 who qualify under the Medical Trust's eligibility rules* can continue their healthcare coverage at their own expense until they turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare. If you are eligible and your former employer participates with the Medical Trust, you have access to the health and dental plans offered by your former employer at the same group rates. Please check with your former employer for more information.


Annual Enrollment Guide
The Medical Trust provides the Annual Enrollment Guide to help you make informed decisions about healthcare benefits for you and your family.

Plan Summaries of Benefits and Coverage*
The summary is a snapshot of the key features (deductibles, copays, etc.) of each plan. 

Plan Handbooks
Handbooks containing specific, detailed information about the Medical Trust plans, including pharmacy, vision, and mental health benefits, are updated annually in January. 

Health Plan Carrier Websites
You'll find a wealth of information on your health plan carrier's website, including:

  • Plan descriptions, coverage details, and contact information
  • A summary of preventive care guidelines
  • Recommended screenings by age group
  • Additional healthcare discounts including those for gyms, hearing aids, and medical supplies

You can find all the above resources on the Medical Plans page.


*Check with your group or diocesan administrator for eligibility requirements. Please note that employers may not offer all plans.


The Episcopal Church Medical Trust Disclaimer