Denominational Health Plan

The Episcopal Church’s Denominational Health Plan (DHP) is helping domestic dioceses, parishes and other ecclesiastical institutions subject to the authority of the Church control the rising costs of health care.

2019 DHP Annual Report

In its mission to balance compassionate benefits with financial stewardship, The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (Medical Trust) reached these milestones in 2019:

Healthcare Costs Contained

  • For 2020, most participating groups received below-average rate increases, compared to nationwide health cost trends as tracked by leading consulting firms.

Employers Chose From Multiple Providers

  • Participating groups enjoyed meaningful choice, consisting of both traditional Preferred Provider Organization and Consumer-Directed Health Plan offerings, through vendors including Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, and Kaiser Permanente.

Groups Received Benefits Planning Assistance

  • Groups benefited from educational and other support in choosing their plan offerings.
  • Diocesan strategies aimed at providing competitive healthcare benefits for clergy and lay employees were informed by strategic assistance from the Medical Trust.

2020 Outlook

Bolstered by the full implementation of our plan array strategy, the outlook for the DHP remains positive. Our members can choose among plans from Anthem and Cigna, as well as regional offerings from Kaiser, and continue to enjoy multiple advantages, including robust provider access, affordable coverage, and meaningful choice.

The future of national healthcare reform remains unsettled, and contrasts with the stability that the DHP offers the Church. With an eye on healthcare reform, our focus will remain on cost-effective, comprehensive health benefits, and compliance with applicable laws and best business practices.

Lastly, the Medical Trust’s long-term roadmap will focus on vendor strategy, member experience, and healthcare delivery to ensure we offer plans that are relevant and affordable to our participating groups.

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