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Retirement Tools & Resources

In addition to knowledgeable experts, we offer a number of tools and resources to help you plan for your retirement, including…

PlanAhead Online

laptopPlanAhead For Retirement® is a financial and retirement planning tool customized for clergy participating in the Clergy Pension Plan. This calculator:

  • Projects your retirement income needs.
  • Estimates the percent of your needs covered.
  • Allows you to revise your plan.

Finding a Financial Advisor

It can be difficult to find someone you trust with your money. For help download CPG's Tips for Researching a Financial Advisor.

Retirement Spending Calculator

Are you saving enough for retirement? If you are near retirement, our Retirement Spending Calculator will help you:

  • Create a spending budget for your retirement.
  • Estimate how long your savings will last.


Retiree Housing and Care Facilities

You may wish to explore opportunities to live in retiree housing and care facilities with a connection to the Episcopal Church. Our Retiree Housing Locator can help you find facilities in your area.

Financial Planning Worksheets

Our library of financial planning worksheets can help you create a budget and set financial goals.


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