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Protect Your Benefits

Protect Your Benefits

Your retirement benefits are calculated using on your Highest Average Compensation (HAC) and years of Credited Service (CS). Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your compensation and assignment information is current and accurate.

In addition, it's important that we have current personal information in our files to make sure that we have complete information when preparing estimates for you, or when calculating your pension benefits. In the event of your death, having accurate information regarding your spouse, children, and any beneficiaries will make sure that we pay the benefits correctly and quickly. If we do not have current information, you or your loved ones may lose out on your benefits or the payment of benefits may be delayed.

Critical Information You Should Keep Current

  • Your compensation and assessments - Notify us immediately if there is an error. Remember, your final monthly pension benefit is based on your Highest Average Compensation (HAC) and Credited Service (CS) is only earned if full assessments are paid. Your most recent Annual Certificate or Personal Information Statement report the information we have for your HAC and CS. To request a copy of either statement, please call Client Services at (866) 802-6333.
  • Your position - Be sure that we have information about your current position. This will ensure that we bill the correct employer for your assessments and have accurate information for your Credited Service. If you have changed jobs, complete the  New Assignment Notice
  • Your address - Make sure we have a current address for you so that you will receive notifications. If there is a change in your address complete the Change of Address form.
  • Your family status - Did you get married? Have a baby? Changes in your family status can impact your benefit, or theirs. Complete the Personal Status/Change form. More information on survivor's benefits and how marriage and divorce may impact your pension benefit is available at Survivor's Benefits.

Verify That Your Assessments Are Being Paid

You receive an Annual Certificate from Church Pension Fund (CPF) that shows your compensation for the year and the status of your assessment payments. If the assessment is not paid, you will not earn CS and your compensation will not be included in the HAC calculation for the period assessments were not paid, which may impact your pension benefit.

If your employer has not paid your assessment and you are in danger of not receiving your Credited Service for the year, you will be notified by CPF.  

Special Circumstances

There are special situations that allow you to pay the assessment personally or for which the assessment can be waived. These include part-time employment, periods between jobs, graduate study, military duty, overseas missions, work outside of the Episcopal Church, and other situations. See Special Circumstances for more information.

Report Errors and Changes Immediately

Call Client Services for assistance
(866) 802-6333
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 8:00PM ET

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