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CPG's conferences and resources are designed to help you evaluate your current situation, explore your options and develop realistic plans for today and the future. Our programs and tools provide information, guidance and hands-on experience to help you balance your physical, financial and spiritual life now and plan how to achieve your goals in the future.

Enriching Your Retirement

Enriching Your Retirement (EYR) is offered in cooperation with your diocese and Chaplains to the Retired. The EYR presentation will help you and your spouse or partner develop the life plan needed to meet your goals in retirement.

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Provincial Retiree Gathering

In this pilot program specially designed to address the specific needs of retired clergy and their spouses, you will explore issues of identity, roles, and relationships. You'll explore how to support a healthier you, refresh your sense of being God's beloved.

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CREDO conferences encourage a holistic approach to wellness – spiritual, vocational, financial, and physical – through personal reflection and discernment.

The CREDO conference experience will engage you in a renewed sense of identity, a re-energized commitment to holistic health, and a refreshed and re-charged sense of ministry. At CREDO, you’ll find a rejuvenating, supportive Christian community that will nurture your personal well-being and remind you that the wisdom and grace of God is nearer than the very breath you take.

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Resilience in the Face of Disaster

This webinar on Resilience and Disaster Relief was originally created for the Diocese of Texas and West Texas to address the psychological impact that followed after Hurricane Harvey. The topic and webinar content can be applied in similar situations of disaster and trauma.

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