Church Pension Group | Managing Retirement Overview
Managing Retirement

Managing Retirement

Will You Have Enough?

Resources to help you manage your money include:

Find a Chaplain

The Chaplains to the Retired Program provides local support to retired clergy, their spouses, and surviving spouses.

Each diocesan bishop is encouraged to appoint Chaplains to the Retired.

These chaplains serve you by:

  • Providing local pastoral care and support for spouses and beneficiaries
  • Hosting gatherings
  • Keeping you in touch through regular communication

To support the Chaplains to the Retired, CPG holds annual meetings to keep them up-to-date on the benefits provided by CPG and other information important to retirees.

Find a local Chaplain to the Retired.

Episcopal Housing & Care Facilities

When it’s time to take the next step in your retirement and find care and housing options, you may wish to explore Episcopal-Related housing and care facilities around the country.

Learn about Church-related retiree housing and care facilities.