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Managing Retirement Overview

Managing Retirement

Will You Have Enough?

Resources to help you manage your money include:

Find a Chaplain

Each diocesan bishop is encouraged to appoint a Chaplain to the Retired to serve you by:

  • Producing newsletters
  • Hosting gatherings
  • Facilitating communication with the bishop
  • Paying personal visits and more

Find a local Chaplain to the Retired.

Vintage Voice

The Rev. Steve Norcross speaks about the realities of losing with age the ability to enjoy lifelong passions, such as the reading of a magazine he likes, and wonders for how long he should renew his subscription.


Episcopal Housing & Care Facilities

When it’s time to take the next step in your retirement and find care and housing options, you may wish to explore Episcopal-Related housing and care facilities around the country.

Learn about Church-related retiree housing and care facilities.