Church Pension Group | Benefits Relationship Management

Benefits Relationship Management (BRM)

Our Relationship Managers provide individualized service, support and education to Episcopal dioceses and institutions for all Church Pension Group (CPG) employee benefits. Our specialists are available to:

  • Provide analysis, assistance, and consultation to Episcopal dioceses, congregations and groups on health, life, pensions and disability products and services.
  • Help dioceses develop parity policies for health benefits funding.
  • Help educate you and your employees on all CPG employee benefits.
  • Provide proposals and competitive pricing.
  • Consult with you as you evaluate plans and make decisions about renewing coverage.
  • Ensure a seamless, efficient transition for new groups.
  • Provide just-in-time information, education and support to administer benefits.

Don't know who your Relationship Manager is? See Relationship Manager Assignments.

Laurie Kazilionis
Sr. Vice President, Benefits Relationship Management
(212) 592-6293

Domestic Account Management

Kirk Mason
Vice President, Domestic Relationship Management
(212) 592-4292

Chipasha Kashoki
Director, Domestic Relationship Management (East)
(212) 592-4259

Toni Marie Sutliff
Director, Domestic Relationship Management (West)
(212) 592-6241

Jeff Hamilton
Relationship Manager
(212) 592-4283

Courtney Whittington
Relationship Manager
(212) 592-6381

Jackie Quarnberg
Sr. Relationship Manager
(212) 592-4203

Lauren Kinard
Relationship Manager

Chris Hamby
Relationship Manager 
(212) 592-8225

Alyssa Moore
Associate Relationship Manager
(901) 275-3005

Voluntary & International Account Services

Tim Vanover
Vice President, International & Voluntary Relationship Management
(212) 592-9405

Zach Peterson
Director, International & Voluntary Relationship Management
(212) 592-4213

Lauri Begley
Business Development and Relationship Management
(212) 592-6386

Stokes Liles
International & Voluntary
Relationship Manager
(212) 592-6278