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Interactive Guides for Administrators

These interactive guides will help you understand your role as a benefits administrator and know how to complete common tasks in MAP. More coming soon!

Your role as an administrator

Completing your tasks in MAP

Benefits At-A-Glance

A general overview of key information you need to know.

Quick Guides

General information to use with our Employment Event checklists, and communicate with the individual at the end of their employment.

You told us that you needed help with the processes and procedures involved when someone is hired or leaves their job, has a change in their compensation or a change in their personal status. These events all impact your employees' pensions, retirement plans and benefits. We've developed "What To Do When" guides and checklists to help you complete the work as quickly and accurately as possible, and ensure your employees' benefits are properly managed the first time around.

Understanding Your Bills

Understanding Your Bills

Sample pension assessment, medical trust, and church insurance bills with explanations make it easier for you to review your bills and understand the charges. Also find remittance payment addresses.

Employment Events

Collect Information for a New Hire

Provide this document to the employee to collect informaiton and benefit selections for the new hire process

Enrolling a New Employee in Benefits

The steps to enroll a new employee (clergy or lay) in benefits.

Terminating an Employee’s Benefits after the End of Employment

The steps to terminate an employee’s (clergy or lay) benefits after the end of employment due to termination by the employer or resignation.

Employee Life Events

Changing Benefits when an Employee Marries

The steps to make changes to an employee's benefits when the clergyperson or lay employee marries (applicable for different-sex or same-sex legal marriages).

Changing Benefits when an Employee Ends a Marriage or Domestic Partnership

The steps to make changes to an employee's (clergy or lay) benefits when the clergyperson or lay employee ends a marriage or domestic partnership.

Changing Benefits when an Employee Registers a Domestic Partner

The steps to make changes to an employee's (clergy or lay) benefits when the clergyperson or lay employee registers a domestic partnership.

Employee Resources

Understanding Your benefits learning module for lay employees

Understand the financial and healthcare benefits available to support plan participants and assist with their goals for a comfortable retirement.

5 years to retirement learning module

This multi-part course offers easy-to-understand information on finance and health for anyone planning to retire in five years or less.

Beneficiary Resources

Information for common questions and important tasks for the coming year following a loss.