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Employee Resources

Do you know where your money goes?

Budgeting Step-by-Step eLearning course can help you focus on meeting your financial goals.

Understanding the Clergy Housing Allowance Exemption

Clergy may be allowed to exclude some or all of their housing expenses from U.S. federal income tax. Learn more about this important tax exclusion.

Understanding Your benefits learning module for lay employees

Understand the financial and healthcare benefits available to support plan participants and assist with their goals for a comfortable retirement.

Clergy Pension Plan learning module

A good understanding of The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan and related plans may help you make the right decisions today for your benefits in the future.

Retirement savings webinar workshops

Workshops from Fidelity help you identify and prioritize savings goals, understand social security, and maintain financial health. 

Facing Dementia learning module

How does dementia impact your life? If you are caring for a loved one suffering from an age-related cognitive disease, you may feel the impact daily.

Request a financial discussion

As a clergyperson or lay employee of The Episcopal Church, you’re entitled to complimentary discussions with a CPG financial education specialist.

5 years to retirement learning module

This multi-part course offers easy-to-understand information on finance and health for anyone planning to retire in five years or less.

Beneficiary Resources

Information for common questions and important tasks for the coming year following a loss.