Church Pension Group | Understanding Your Bills

Understanding Your Bills

You told us that it can be difficult to understand all the details in your CPG billing statements. We created sample bills with explanations to make it easier for you to review your bills and understand the charges. Just click on the links below to get the scoop!

Bill Types, Processing Timeline, & Payments

Quick Guide for Billing includes an overview of billing for:

  • Defined Benefit: Clergy (Domestic and Nondomestic), Lay and Companion
  • Group & Direct Billing: Medical, Dental, Disability and Life

Sample Bills


Funding Contributions to the Lay DC and RSVP Plans

  • Institutions that have adopted a plan remit employer and employee contributions electronically to Fidelity* through one of two systems:
    • Fidelity Simplified Contribution Platform (SCP)
    • Fidelity Plan Sponsor WebStation (PSW)
    For new user access, remitting contributions, and resources see Contribution Remittance.

    *Fidelity will no longer accept the Contribution Transmittal Form after 12/31/2018. See Fidelity Introduces SCP for more information.

Medical Trust

Property & Casualty Insurance

Invoice Remittance Payment Addresses

When paying a Clergy pension bill:

Church Pension Fund
75 Remittance Dr.
Suite 6121
Chicago, IL 60675-6121


When paying a Lay pension bill:

Episcopal Church Employees’ Retirement Plan
75 Remittance Dr.
Suite 6125
Chicago, IL 60675-6125 

When paying a Medical, Dental, and/ or Group Life/Disability bill:

Episcopal Church Clergy & Employees’ Benefit Trust (ECCEBT)
75 Remittance Dr.
Suite 6109
Chicago, IL 60675-6109


When paying a Church Life (individual life) bill:

Church Life Insurance Corporation
75 Remittance Dr.
Suite 6111
Chicago, IL 60675-6111

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